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Dear international customers (EU, UK, AUS): 

Due to recent VAT requirement changes within the EU and UK, we feel it best to suggest our international customers purchase our products from our Etsy store. 

Here, these updates have been successfully integrated.

On Etsy, our customers will be able to see and pay for VAT charges at checkout, as opposed to upon receipt of goods. 

UK Customers:

U.S based online sellers are required to collect VAT at time of checkout. While we've yet to implement this into our website, please visit / shop from our Etsy as this change has been fully integrated there. 

EU Customers: 

If you feel more comfortable shopping directly through our website (here), we will still be shipping to the EU, however please know that there will be VAT charges as well as additional delivery charges from customs, upon receipt. 

We hope to have these new changes integrated on our website through the next year. 

Thank you for your patience and support

L.Greenwalt Jewelry 


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Thanks for supporting artists, makers and small businesses!

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