EST. 2012

L.Greenwalt Jewelry, formerly known as Loop Jewelry, was founded in Portland, Oregon during the fall of 2012. 

 Lauren Greenwalt, native to Colorado but a Portlander at heart, has had a life-long love affair with color and texture. An imaginative, artistic child born into an artistic family, painting and drawing were always second nature to her. However, she realized one day that a three dimensional medium was a better fit for her creative urges. Jewelry design comes naturally as the perfect medium, in that it allows her to combine a love of classic elegance with playful, quirky symmetry.

In 2017 L.Greenwalt was able to welcome the very talented Kieron Thomas, making L.Greenwalt Jewelry a wife and husband team.

Designer / Maker, Lauren Greenwalt, and Co-Owner / Maker / Artist, Kieron Thomas. 


Inspiration for L.Greenwalt Jewelry stems strongly from the geometric motifs of the Art Deco era and the sensuous fluidity of Art Nouveau creations. Each piece incorporates nuances from the past—but with a new twist. The result is a channeling of classical designs with Lauren's own artistic vision added, making L.Greenwalt Jewelry not just an item of personal adornment but a piece of art as well.

As makers, we have a choice in what materials we source and what practices we instill which have the least impact on our environment and the world around us. 

L.Greenwalt Jewelry is moving forward for the better and investing in more sustainable materials, while also embracing sustainable practices, and will keep doing so where possible.  


All sterling silver used is sourced responsibly (ethically mined) & or with the majority being composed of recycled sterling. Our Gold fill may also include up to 85% recycled gold. 

~ Shipping Supplies and Materials ~

No more bubble mailers! 
~Mailers used are recyclable, SFI certified, and are made from 77% recycled fibers with a post-consumer content of: 62% 

~Our shipping tape is also plant based, renewable and biodegradable!

~Jewelry boxes are made from 95% recycled materials, and are recyclable, less interior padding. To keep your jewelry from tarnishing, we recommend storing your jewelry in your L.Greenwalt Jewelry box. 

The L.Greenwalt Jewelry studio uses biodegradable gloves, biodegradable zip lock bags and participates in scrap recycling with unused and left over metals, in addition to recycling responsibly in the L.Greenwalt Jewelry office. 


All L.Greenwalt Jewelry is vegan and cruelty free.


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