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we at L.Greenwalt Jewelry stand in solidarity with the protests nationwide and The Black Lives Matter movement. 

We stand against systemic racism and join in the act of its dismantling, inside and out. 

want to help too? 

below are call to action resources and organizations to support.

learn their names, learn their stories and help fight for a just, Equitable and free world for all.  

Louisville, Kentucky
March 13th, 2020

Breonna Taylor was a 26 year old award winning Black EMT.
She loved playing cards with her family, she loved her career and loved helping people. She had dreams for her future.  
Breonna was murdered while sleeping in her home. She was shot to death by police officers serving a "no knock" search warrant. 

On 08.04.22, 4 officers responsible for the murder of Breonna Taylor were charged by Federal officers for violating Breonna's civil rights. 

This marks the first time in American history that police have been charged at the federal level for the death of a Black woman.

Breonna's life mattered, and Breonna is due justice. 

Take action here:


Seattle, Washington  
June 18th, 2017


Charleena Lyles was a Black pregnant mother of 4 who had called police to report a burglary. 

Upon arrival at her apartment, Police claim Charleena held a knife, she was then shot by police 7 times, in the presence of her children.

Charleena was a survivor of domestic violence and may have suffered from mental health challenges. 

Studies have shown that police officers kill people with mental illnesses and disabilities at a disproportionately higher rate.  

Being in a mental health crisis shouldn't be a death sentence.

Charleena's Life Mattered and she deserves justice.  


Take action here:

See Charleena's Family's list of demands here:

Cleveland, Ohio 
November 22nd, 2014
Tamir Rice was a beautiful Black twelve 
year old boy, whose smile would light up a room and who loved his brothers and sisters. 
On November 22nd he was fatally shot by Timothy Loehman, a Cleveland, Ohio police officer
Tamir was outside playing at a park with a replica toy gun, when a call was placed to police reporting of a young "man with a gun".

The caller also mentioned "it's probably fake" and later "he is probably a juvenile". The police dispatcher failed to communicate these crucial 
observations to arriving police. 

Police arrived on the scene and within moments of their arrival, shot Tamir.  
He died the next day at Metro Health Medical Center. 

The entire incident was less than 2 seconds

During the investigation into Tamir's murder, both officers were placed on paid administrative leave. 

On December 28th, 2015  a grand jury declined to indict 
Timothy Loehman and Frank Garmback (also on the scene at the time of Tamir's murder).

Timothy Loehman was eventutally fired in 2017.
Not for the murder of Tamir, but for
withholding information regarding his mental instability at his past police department on his Cleveland police application. 

On December 29th 2020, The U.S Justice Department declined to bring criminal charges against Timothy Loehman and Frank Garmback, citing poor quality of the video evidence. 

Tamir's life mattered. 
Take action, create change:



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