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Balance Ring

Balance Ring

*Purchase is for one ring only*


Balance ring, from our fall 2022 line, s w a y.


Originally hand-carved from wax and then cast via lost wax method. 


Available in yellow bronze or sterling silver.


Sizes U.S: 







*If you need a 1/2 step up, please let us know in buyer notes at checkout, we can usually accommodate that :)  


*Please note that bronze can sometimes leave a faint green mark after being worn. This isn't true for everyone, but if you do encounter this, do not be alarmed. It's simply the copper content of the bronze alloy reacting with the acids of your skin. If this does happen, simply wash your hands with soap and water after wear. 

Other styles shown are complimentary styles. 


All high shine cast styles come with a polishing cloth and instructions for care. 


Have questions? Let us know, we're always happy to help! 


Thanks for looking! 


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